Adult Education Centres and Participation of Civil Society



Our main goal to this year is to organize two activities according the criteria of the document that we elaborated last year. Another goal is to interchange the experience of this involvement of each partner.

CONFAPEA will organize these following activities:

Virtual Musical Dialogical Gathering: This activity will be realized at the beginning of the next year. Different entities of CONFAPEA will be a virtual meeting to comment their opinions about the work of a Classical Musician; this author will be chosen by different participants of CONFAPEA that they will be involved in this activity.

I international Literacy Congress: This congress will be on May in Almeria and also all entities of CONFAPEA will be involved in its organization. We present the process of Participants Commission of the Congress like an activity that promotes the civil participation trough their involvement in all process of the Congress (decisions about the contents, presentation of experiences, and work about the contents).

UNLA will organize these following activities:

A Day “Open Doors ”: the first activity will be a day of Open Doors at the end of October 2004. UNLA will organize it, giving the possibility to visit our entity and our activities. The organization of the activity, students will participate in the Commission to contribute and to manage the organization of this day. These meetings promoting “incontros” between members of courses and this kind of activity promotes the enthusiasm to learn. Also, during this day, all formative aspects are presented and we'll present also this European project.

Meeting –Debate about Literacy and Adult Education:

This meeting will be on Spring in Rome . Also the Commission of Participants will participate to all phases of organization of this meeting; form decisions on the arguments to treat presentation of such arguments, as well as the work of compiling of the conclusive documents. Also they will be invited expert of training of Adults in manner that this meeting we can talk together about finality of education for all.

CFL is thinking about their proposals, as soon as possible their activities will be in this page.