Adult Education Centres and Participation of Civil Society





CONFAPEA (Confederación de Federaciones y Asociaciones de Participantes en Educación y Cultura Democrática de Personas Adultas)

Confapea is a Confederation formed by educational and cultural federations and associations in which participants decide by consensus all parts of the different projects. These participants are people without any accreditation of the university and they are not paid for their involvement. Confederation is born because of the illusion of working together and joining in order to promote more educational and participation chances for all people, but especially for people who have been more excluded from the decision, representation and management spaces. Because of this, we believe that Adult People Education and cultural projects must be defined and organized through the participant voices.

By other hand, CONFAPEA is being also supported by the Reda and Grupo 90, which are formed by university teachers and investigators of different Universities. Federated entities:

  • Asociación Cultural Paulo Freire, Vitoria
  • Asociación de Alumnos y exalumnos de la escuela de artes y oficios, Vigo
  • Asociación de Mujeres Lorquianas, Fuentevaqueros
  • Federació d'Associacions Culturals i Educatives de Persones Adultes (FACEPA), Catalunya
  • Asociación Compartiendo Culturas, Vitoria
  • Asociación Familiar Rondilla, Valladolid
  • ADEPA, Madrid
  • Asociación Galdarra, Bilbao


e-mail address:

telephone number: 93 315 29 69 // 93 310 77 15

address: Avda. Francesc Cambó, nº14 P.8F 08003 Barcelona

Fax: 93 310 05 47



U N L A Unione Nazionale per la Lotta contro l'Analfabetismo

UNLA (Unione Nazionale lotta analfabetismo). Rome, Italy

Aims and structure

The Unione Nazionale per la Lotta contro l'Analfabetismo (UNLA) is a national, independent and non-profit organisation for combating illiteracy, which was founded in Rome in 1947. UNLA is an officially recognised organisation for adult education, promoting activities also in partnership with national authorities. It is also affiliated with UNESCO as an organisation for Associated Projects.

In more than fifty years, UNLA has promoted basic education for all with the ambitious aim of reducing illiteracy in Italy. Since literacy and basic education have been achieved in Italy, UNLA has focused on the problem of semi-illiteracy and made efforts to guarantee a minimum level of knowledge, which is necessary to support "citizenship". In carrying out this tasks, the organisation has made efforts in raising awareness of the European dimension of citizenship. The organisation has also focused on lifelong learning and integration of ICTs in adult education.

UNLA is organised on three levels:

•  The headquarters in Rome, where the elected Management Committee is located. The Management Committee consists of 19 members, including representatives of local Education Centres and is responsible for the launching and co-ordination of UNLA's initiatives.

•  The University of Castel Sant'Angelo for Adult Permanent Education (U.C.S.A.) was established in Rome in 1983. UCSA contributes to continuing education of citizens. Courses covers a wide range of subjects, from Italian to Sciences. They are of high scientific standard and well-known for their innovative approach, being open to all voices of culture, without ideological conditioning, freely comparing and discussing students' opinions, indications and requests.

•  37 Education Centres ( Centri di Cultura/Educazione Permanente ), which promote adult education at local level and encouraged the integration of disadvantaged people. The Centres are multidisciplinary and permanent units. More recently, the Education Centres have focused on continuing education and permanent learning for "literate" adults exposed to the new form of illiteracy, especially technological illiteracy.

Contact information:

President: Professor Saverio Avveduto

via Arco del Monte 99, Rome

Phone: 00 39 0 6 68 80 43 01


publication: Bolletino Luglio 2004-Articoli


Centrum för Flexibelt Lärande

CFL (Centrum för Flexibelt Lärande), Söderhamns, Sweden

An educational arena for adults and much more!

CFL, Centre for Flexible Learning, organizes Söderhamn's adult education programme, from basic, via 16+ to university level. CFL´s focus is to be a flexible arena for lifelong learning. The learning programmes on offer are learner centered and adapted to the demands of the labour market.

The city of Söderhamn views the work of CFL as an investment for the future. The city of Söderhamn has a history of dependency upon big industries. As times changed and industrial activity de crea sed, Söderhamn's unemployment grew. This led to a reassessment of the skills and the recruitment policy. CFL´s task is to change the skills profile of the Söderhamn work force, reducing the need for people to leave Söderhamn to get an education

This aim is enhanced by using new technology. For instance, CFL has an IT-Management university course in which students in Söderhamn, Stockholm and Santiago , Chile , take part through video conferencing. CFL´s active part in several educational networks in the region as well nationally and internationally, is also one of the answers to how a small town like Söderhamn can offer a broad but high quality education.

But CFL is much more than an educational organization. CFL is in charge of several EU-projects such as ”Guidance on In crea sing SME Mergers.” (see the list below). CFL is part of a R&D department engaged in research on developing processes, e.g. in the area of flexible learning. The National Institute for Working Life has a major role in the R&D department.

CFL is situated in the Söderhamn Technology Park , where you will find new IT and knowledge based companies and the Department to help start-up and existing industries. The fundamental idea is to crea te cross-fertilization between people, private companies, public organizations and learning. This should stimulate growth. Söderhamn Technology Park is a member of Swedepark, an association of Swedish science and technology parks.