Adult Education Centres and Participation of Civil Society


This Project wants to create a debate and to arrive to certain conclusions decided by consensus about how we can promote participation in the different adult people entities also about how we could foster and generate participation in the different neighbourhoods, towns and cities where these entities are situated.

Participants’ commission is formed by people of the different partner’s entities who have been involved in the project. People who are participating in this project have really different academic levels referring to the adult people education, but they are all participating in a learning process or in a activity organised n the different centres and entities.

Gathering-debate has been the methodology used in order to develop the project. Gatherings are based on egalitarian dialogue through that the participant's right of giving their opinion and explaining their points of view is promoted. All people are respected and valued. The value of the different opinions is decided by their arguments, not by the power position of the person who is expressing opinion (teacher/student).

Gathering-debates are the best way to give power to the voices of participants making possible that they could decide how and what they want to learn and what they want to do. They are the protagonists of this learning process and they are the people who can better know what are their needs and motivations. The conclusions that we are going to present in this web-site are the reflex of the opinions of all these people.

During the second year of our project we have to organize two activities according the criteria of the document that we elaborated last year. Another goal is to interchange the experience of this involvement of each partner. All these activities will be published in this web.